Current Openings

Current Openings

STEM Special Education Teacher

About Atmosphere Academy

Atmosphere Academy is a SUNY-approved charter school that serves Bronx School District 10 students and families in grades 6 through 8. Atmosphere's mission is to provide an "atmosphere" for learning in which students and teachers realize their potential as collaborative leaders. To realize this goal, Atmosphere has developed a suite of robust academic and enrichment programming in conjunction with key partners that are designed to develop students’ skills, knowledge, and character. Similarly, the school promotes a professional culture for its faculty and staff that focuses on distributed leadership and continuous improvement through embedded professional development, coaching, mentoring, and teaming.

STEM Special Education Teacher

The STEM Special Education Teacher plays a vital role in supporting student learning and effective instruction for Atmosphere’s most at-risk students by working with students, parents, and teachers to ensure the proper structures and systems are in place to buttress and buoy all students.

Atmosphere teachers are professional and pioneering educators, who are given the support they need to develop their instructional practice and focus on continuous improvement.  Coaching and mentoring is embedded in every teacher’s schedule. Moreover, observation and evaluation are approached as shared processes with an emphasis on collaboration, self-reflection, and accountability.

Why Atmosphere

Atmosphere has designed a work environment that makes it a destination workplace for a diverse range of highly qualified, innovative professionals. The school offers team members:

  • Culture - Atmosphere nurtures and promotes a professional and pioneering culture that is focused on continuous improvement and development. This is realized through embedded professional development, coaching, mentoring, teaming, self-reflection, self-evaluation, peer observation, instructional rounds, continuous feedback, and other important supports that promote participation in and contribution to a professional learning community.
  • Compensation - Atmosphere offers salaries that are competitive with those paid by other charter and public schools in the New York area. Moreover, the school also provides an annual merit bonus of up to 16% that are tied to each employee’s performance evaluation and ability to meet specific annual goals.
  • Benefits - Atmosphere provides a 401k plan (with employer matching up to 5%), health insurance plan (school pays 100% of premium), dental insurance plan (school pays 100% of premium), vision insurance plan (school pays 100% of premium), 10 paid personal days that can be banked or cashed out for a 5% bonus if unused (up to 50 days can be banked), up to $50,000 of term life insurance (school pays 50% of premium), short-term disability insurance, regular school vacations and breaks, and flexible spending plan.
  • Flexibility - Atmosphere acknowledges that its staff needs to be afforded the flexibility to meet obligations they have to family and other responsibilities outside of work. By partnering with employees to customize their work schedules, Atmosphere is able to increase their productivity and level of satisfaction.


  • MUST HAVE NYS certification in Special Education
  • Relevant teaching experience in a charter school or other school setting
  • Proven track record of successfully working with at-risk population
  • Experience working with diverse student groupings that may include a range of special education students, general education students, ELL students and gifted students
  • Dynamic teacher persona that engages students and seamlessly manages the classroom
  • Data-driven, with vigorous lesson planning skills and experience with curriculum development
  • Student-centered teaching philosophy and pedagogy that is compatible with both the SIOP and GRR instructional model
  • Energetic and professional interpersonal skills with a track record of collaborating with diverse stakeholders
  • Strong organization skills, communication, writing, and presentation skills
  • Relentless determination to do whatever it takes to help Atmosphere students succeed
  • Proactive and creative problem-solver
  • Values input and feedback
  • Strong recommendations from prior employers, colleagues, or employees
  • Master’s degree in a related field preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field required


Instructional Duties
  • Teach 5 periods per day in Science and Math. Teacher will focus on ICT Math/Science and self contained Math/Science
  • Work with content area teachers to develop unit plans, implement various instructional strategies, and modify materialsas needed
  • Ensure the grade level curriculum is accessible for all IEP and 504 students through modification and accommodation
  • Maintain student portfolios that track IEP implementation and goal progress
  • Create curricular documents, beyond those provided by the content-area teacher, that support student learning as needed (including class materials,checks for understanding, quarterly exams, choice boards, rubrics, etc.)
  • Identify and implement multi-media resources and tools that enhance the learning experience by presenting students with blended learning opportunities
  • Use of multiple resources when developing lesson plans and class materials.
  • Collaborate with co-teachers and other support staff to ensure all students’ needs are met
  • Maintain a highly-engaged classroom setting that promotes good order and a love for learning
  • Serve as an advisor in tandem with a co-advisor by leading a daily advisory class focused on the underlying soft skills that all students need to succeed in school and in life
Professional Duties
  • Participate and contribute to all relevant IEP and 504 meetings, including annual reviews and evaluations of students on assigned student team
  • Serve as a key team member, striving to collaborate whenever possible
  • Seek out internal and external professional development opportunities that are either presented by Atmosphere or independently identified
  • Take part in school-wide special events or activities by serving as an advisor, coach, chaperone, etc.
  • Participate in and contribute to teacher team meetings, department meetings, data inquiry team meetings, coaching meetings, and mentoring meetings
  • Lead the self-evaluation portion of Atmosphere’s 50-50 professional evaluation system using the rubric and annual goals as the metric for success and growth
  • Actively contribute to a professional learning community by partaking in coaching, mentoring, teaming, and other activities and tasks focused on promoting professional learning and growth
Other Duties
  • Any and all other responsibilities as delegated and assigned by the Board of Trustees and the Principal

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5959 Broadway
Bronx, New York 10463

Equal Opportunity Employer

Atmosphere Academy Public Charter School is an equal opportunity employer and hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.


Pay and compensation are commensurate with skill and experience. Atmosphere salaries are designed to meet or exceed any offered by the DOE, other charters, or suburban districts. Moreover, staff can earn up to a 16% merit bonus on top of their salary.


Atmosphere offers a full benefits package (health care, vision, dental, 401k, paid personal days, etc.).