Ayesha Hoda is Atmosphere's 7th Grade Science Teacher. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Wesleyan University and her Master of Science in Education from Lehman College through the NYC Teach for America program. Before joining Atmopshere's team, Ms. Hoda taught at MS 128 (Mott Hall III Middle School) in the Bronx, which she left to found Justice by the Pen, a youth civic engagement program that has run various social justice youth workshops at schools, community centers and non-profits over the past eight years. Ms. Hoda transitioned to adult education as GED teacher/program coordinator for formerly incarcerated youth at the Fortune Society and subsequently High School Equivalency teacher at the Lehman College Adult Learning Center. Ms. Hoda is a mother of two and worked as a Fellow Effectiveness Manager evaluating teachers for the New Teacher Project while raising her little ones. She became interested in nature and environmental education while leading Tinkergarten classes (play-based outdoor education) in the neighborhood and is excited to bring science to life in the community in which she lives.