Rashan Fray is Atmosphere's 6th Grade Special Education Teacher. He resides in Queens, NY with his wife and 3 beautiful children. He is an avid fan of sports, food, music, and business. Mr. Fray usually participates in at least one fantasy football league throughout the school year. He is a certified New Yorker, born and raised, with Jamaican and Cuban heritage. He is Danielson-certified and in the midst of his 17th year of teaching. He has been an elementary and high school teacher but has a passion for middle school. Mr. Fray has been a Middle School Dean, Chess Coach and served on multiple Instructional Leadership Teams before coming to Atmosphere. He holds an A.A. in Liberal Arts from Nassau Community College; B.A. in Sports Business Management from St. John's University; and an M.S. Ed. in Special Education from Long Island University-Brooklyn. Mr. Fray also has multiple credits in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University and hopes to continue his second Master's pursuit that was interrupted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. He aspires to instill a philosophy, framework, and structure into a school community that encourages positive participation and is filled with actively-involved learners, in a symbiotic environment, that conveys social and academic education through real-world, student-centered activities that are relevant to them.