Academic Program

Atmosphere Academy's Academic Program is intended to improve student skills, build content knowledge, develop critical and creative thinkers, and achieve mastery of standards. Scholars are placed on teams that provide them with the most appropriate setting based on their Individual Education Plan or their academic profile. While all students are challenged with rigorous instruction that is on or above grade level, the approach is differentiated based on the needs of the team.

We provide all students with 10 courses per year that are designed to remediate and accelerate students' knowledge and skills in a variety of content areas with a strong emphasis on English and Math. In addition to Physical Education, Health and Electives, our scholars are given 500 minutes of English, 500 minutes of Math, 250 minutes of Science, 250 minutes of Social Studies, and 350 minutes of test preparation per week.

We offer a diverse range of settings, including honors, general education, integrated co-teaching, self-contained, and small group intervention. These settings ensure that we can provide each student with a customized learning environment that positions them for success in negotiating grade level (or higher) standards.

Our Classes

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Through the creation of a highly engaging setting, Atmosphere Academy prepares students to be ready for college, career, and life, but also to succeed once they get there. By actively contributing to the school’s shared learning community, students acquire the character, skills, and knowledge they need to think, collaborate, and lead.

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