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Elective Program

Atmosphere Academy offers a wide selection of Electives for students to handpick an extra-curricular activity that meets their passions and interests. Twice a week, students engage in small group learning from professional instructors with other students who share the same goal. Electives are offered to all students at no cost and happen during school hours on school facilities. Some of the electives offerings include Guitar, Piano, Drums, Jiujitsu, Boxing, Capoeira, Robotics, Fashion design, Dance, Theater, Gaming, Yearbook, Vocal lessons, Debate, Chess, Culinary, European Handball, Student Government, Film, and more.

Atmosphere Academy also takes suggestions from students and strives to meet the interests of the student body. Different electives are offered at each grade level so students have new opportunities each year. At the end of each term, students prepare a presentation and perform it at the Electives Showcase. Our Elective Program is a unique and growing program that provides students with a powerful experience to explore their skills outside of their core academics. These experiences not only motivate students to enjoy school but also may shape their future aspirations as professionals.

We are accepting Applications for 2024-2025.
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