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Discipline Policy

At Atmosphere Academy, students are empowered to perform at a high level by exploring our Core Values to build their character. Parents are provided with open communication through meetings, conferences, email updates and workshops on supporting students emotionally at home and with school situations.

Meeting our community members where they are is a major goal and accomplishment in securing a safe and productive environment. Social workers and Counselors also use strength-based techniques to build our students’ confidence. Conducting open conversations on adolescent needs, trauma and Restorative Justice helps to continue an established safe and orderly environment to encourage learning. The Culture team helps students unpack the obstacles keeping them from performing at a high level. The result is students becoming scholars who are mindful leaders.

Atmosphere has a discipline policy that is reviewed with students, parents, and staff at the beginning of the year. The Behavior Program sets the tone and culture for Atmosphere. Positive behavior is rewarded and celebrated through our STARS program and community ceremonies. Each student is supported to perform well academically and conduct themselves with integrity in and out of the school setting.

Download Atmosphere Academy’s Discipline Policy

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