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Math Program

Atmosphere’s Math program consists of two math courses that each meet every day. Both courses utilize the Concrete Representational and Abstract (CRA) method which teaches concrete understanding through hands-on manipulatives and activities, before moving on to representational and abstract representations of math. Teachers focus on math literacy by providing multiple representations of a problem to differentiate instruction and build conceptual understanding. In order to increase students’ familiarity and proficiency with problem-solving, all Math teachers focus on “Standards for Mathematical Practices” as well as teaching students to respond to questions using Atmosphere’s Math Systems.

The Math course focuses on grade-level standards and the individual needs of students. The curriculum was developed in house and addresses the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards with some enhancement to include the Atmosphere Math systems. Course materials are developed by the teacher utilizing understanding by design planning techniques with the released test questions acting as a goal assessment. The Math Lab course will provide remediation to students who are not proficient and enrichment to students who are at or above proficiency. The remediation lab assesses and provides targeted instruction in deficit areas. The enrichment lab will teach the next grade-level standards in order to prepare students to take the 9th-grade Algebra Regents in 8th grade.

We are accepting Applications for 2024-2025.
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