Leadership Team

  • Chief Executive Officer/Founder

    Colin Greene is Atmosphere’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder. He created Atmosphere Academy Public Charter Schools in 2014. As the CEO, Mr. Greene oversees all aspects of the education corporation, including school management, student achievement, strategic planning. program development, financial oversight, and organizational learning. Previously, he served as the Head of Academic Program at Link Community School in Newark. In that role, he oversaw curriculum design, instructional leadership, data systems, professional development, teacher evaluation, and all other academic operations of the school. Prior to joining Link, Mr. Greene was Director of Curriculum and Instruction with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity where he developed original programming and curriculum, hired qualified instructors, and managed successful implementation and quality control. He spent the early part of his career as an English Teacher in various public and private high schools in New York and New Jersey. Mr. Greene holds a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Fordham University, a Master of Arts in Teaching of English from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from New York University.

  • Chief Learning Officer

    Elizabeth Nash is Atmosphere’s Chief Learning Officer. Ms. Nash holds a Master of Science in Adolescent Special Education and Literacy from Iona College and a Bachelor of Arts in Adolescent Education and Social Studies. She is New York State certified as a special education teacher, a social studies teacher, a literacy teacher, and an adolescent education teacher. Previously, Ms. Nash taught at Iona College, Mamaroneck High School, Iona Preparatory School, and The School of Immaculate Conception.

  • Chief Culture Officer

    Christian Roman is Atmosphere’s Chief Culture Officer. Previously, he has served as the Head Dean at Health, Education, and Research Occupations (HERO) High School and Dean of Students at Banana Kelly High School in the South Bronx. In these roles, Mr. Roman worked to provide young people with the discipline, guidance, cultural enrichment, and social-emotional development they needed to realize their full potential. Mr. Roman has also served as a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coordinator at Unitas Therapeutic Community, where he honed his counseling and management skills. Mr. Roman hired, trained, and maintained a staff of approximately 40 teen counselors and employees. He also facilitated seminars on 6-step conflict resolution that enforced the principle of peaceful problem solving. Mr. Roman holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from St. John’s University. Growing up in the South Bronx, Mr. Roman developed an undeniable passion for and pride in the people of his neighborhood. Mr. Roman has translated this passion into daily service and dedicated his studies and career to elevating, inspiring, counseling, and advocating for the community in which he still lives and works. Mr. Roman also serves his community through spiritual guidance by dedicating his free time to working as a religious instructor and assistant director of a youth group at St. Athanasius Parish. Each day, Mr. Roman works closer and closer to his goal of uniting and uplifting the people of the South Bronx.

  • Chief Curriculum Officer

    Katherine Brennan is Atmosphere's Chief Curriculum Officer. She has over 17 years of experience as a principal, central office administrator, K-12 supervisor, content specialist, mentor and classroom teacher. In addition to certifications as a supervisor, principal, and chief school administrator, Mrs. Brennan holds a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and is pursuing a PhD in education policy and administration.

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Gabriel Rosenblum is Atmosphere's Chief Operating Officer. Previously, he served as a Business Operations Manager at Success Academy Charter Schools, where he managed multiple schools and streamlined their operational processes, oversaw logistical systems for families and students, and maintained safety and security in the school buildings. Mr. Rosenblum is well versed in the field of Operations and brings his expertise to Atmosphere. He holds a dual Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics from Brandeis University.

  • Chief Program Officer

    Benjamin Pah is Atmosphere's Chief Program Officer. Previously, he has worked as a Vice Principal at Coney Island Prep and English teacher at Bronx High School for Law and Community Service. As a Vice Principal, he coached teachers, guided students, and partnered with families. As a teacher, he taught literacy, raised test scores, and facilitated career training. Benjamin holds a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Fordham University and a Bachelor of Arts in English Education from NYU. He is New York State Certified as a School Building leader and English teacher. Overall, Ben's vision is to guide students to work as hard as possible to achieve the careers of their dreams to uplift their families and communities.

  • Science Director

    Ericka Shammgod is Atmosphere’s Science Director. Mrs. Shammgod holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from CUNY, a Master of Science in Teaching Literacy from Touro College, and a Master of Science in School Leadership from Touro College. She is New York State certified as an elementary education teacher and as a school building leader. Previously, Ms. Shammgod taught at Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy and in the NYCDOE.

  • Social Studies Director

    Dorena Johnson is Atmosphere's Social Studies Director. Previously, she served as the Director of Humanities at Harlem Children's Zone Charter School. There she was one of the founding teachers of Promise Academy II High School with her World History and AP World courses. As Director of Humanities, Ms. Johnson oversaw the History, English, Spanish, Art, and Elective courses. She supported her diverse team through curriculum development, observation, feedback, lesson plan review, and professional development. Ms. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Adolescent Education and History with a minor in Leadership Studies from SUNY Fredonia, a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration History, and an Master of Education in School Building Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is certified and dedicated to Restorative Practices, Social-Emotional Learning, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Ms. Johnson is a passionate leader, ready to innovate education with her Atmosphere family.

  • English Director

    Kerri Mulqueen is Atmosphere's English Director. Dr. Mulqueen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from SUNY Albany, a Master of Arts degree in English from Queens College, and a doctorate in English (with a specialty in composition pedagogy) from St. John's University. She is certified in New York State as both an English/Language Arts teacher for grades 7-12 and a School District Leader. Dr. Mulqueen has been a high school English teacher in Brooklyn and Queens, an instructional coach for New York City teachers, and a high school assistant principal. Most recently, Dr. Mulqueen was a full time faculty member in the School of Education and Health at Manhattan College, teaching courses and advising students in the undergraduate and graduate teacher education program. She is a deep believer in the transformative power of education.

  • Math Instructional Leader

    Sabrina Marion is Atmosphere's Math Instructional Leader. Ms. Marion graduated from Allen University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and then from Strayer University with a Master’s in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. Before joining Atmosphere, Ms. Marion served as an Assistant Principal supporting academic instruction and school culture at Zeta Charter School. Ms. Marion began her career in Newark, New Jersey as a 6th grade Math teacher at Great Oaks Legacy Charter School. She then relocated her instructional practice to the South Bronx where she taught Middle School Mathematics and served as Dean of Culture for 3 years. Ms. Marion’s educational philosophy states that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow academically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can reach their full potential.

  • Physical Education Instructional Leader

    Kevin Salazar is Atmosphere's 8th Grade Physical Education Instructional Leader. Mr. Salazar holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Manhattan College. He is also attending Manhattanville College to earn a Master’s Degree in Business Sports Management.

  • Special Education Leader

    Christopher Diaz is Atmosphere's Special Education Leader. Mr. Diaz holds a Bachelor's Degree from Colgate University and a Master's Degree from Relay Graduate School of Education. As an alumni of a public charter school, he understands and supports the unique opportunity that Atmosphere provides. He is passionate about ensuring all students have access to quality education that suits their individual needs.

  • Middle School Operations Leader

    Sanda Amarasinghe is Atmosphere's Middle School Operations Leader. She has played many roles in education both as an educator and an administrator. She previously served as a Business Operations Manager at Success Academy Charter Schools, where she managed operational processes and school systems. She is passionate about helping people and organizations grow. She was born in Sri Lanka and holds a Bachelor of Business and MBA from Edith Cowan University, Australia and a Bachelor of Law from University of London. She is a Mom of two and is excited to be a part of the Atmosphere team and support Atmosphere’s vision.

  • High School Operations Leader

    Osiris Stephen is Atmosphere's High School Operations Leader. Previously, Mr. Stephen held the position of Director or Operations at Dr. Richard Izquierdo Charter School, where he managed a team of 10, including Sr. Operations Managers, Operations Associates and School Aides. He worked closely with the Culture Team to provide added support. He holds a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, and a Bachelor of Arts from Hofstra University. He is also an Advocate for children with Epilepsy and Autism. Osiris loves working with kids and coached North Riverdale Little League.

  • Middle School Culture Leader

    Duke Jumah is Atmosphere's Atmosphere's Middle School Culture Leader.

  • 6th Grade Leader

    Zach Barlia is Atmosphere's 6th Grade Leader. Mr. Barlia graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies and then from Columbia University with a Master's in Public School Building Leadership. Before joining Atmosphere, Mr. Barlia served as an Academic Dean at Achievement First for four years. Mr. Barlia began his career in New Orleans, teaching ELA. He then moved to New York, where he taught Freshman English and Composition at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts. Mr. Barlia is deeply committed to fostering a rigorous academic environment that teaches all children to be independent critical thinkers and prepares them for a diverse and globalized world.

  • 7th Grade Leader

    Chloe Haggerty-Buckner is Atmosphere's 7th Grade Leader. Ms. Buckner is a Bronx native, now living in New Jersey. She has 10 years of experience in education, including 8 years of teaching ELA in NYC schools across the Bronx. She also sat as grade chair during that time. Ms. Buckner has a Bachelor's Degree in English and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling as of '22. Her other interests include music, travel abroad and cooking. Ms. Buckner is passionate about empowering students from all neighborhoods to take full ownership of their right to an equitable and well-rounded education with the support of caring adults.

  • 8th Grade Leader

    Brett McGinnis is Atmosphere’s 8th Grade Leader. Mr. McGinnis graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Cornell University and a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. He is currently pursuing a New York State School Building Leader Certificate at the College of Saint Rose. Previously, McGinnis served as a Lead Lesson Planner, Science Instructional Leader, Grade Level Leader, and 8th Grade Living Environment teacher at Kings Collegiate Charter School in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a member of the Uncommon Schools network. Prior to that, Mr. McGinnis served as a Corps Member and then Team Leader with an Americorps program called City Year at a high school in Elmhurst, Queens. He is incredibly excited to bring his passion and dedication to the Atmosphere community.

  • Data Leader

    Lona Nguyen is Atmosphere's Data Leader. Ms. Nguyen recently moved from Orlando, Florida to live in New York City to pursue her Master's Degree in Education Policy and Social Analysis from Columbia University. Ms. Nguyen received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Central Florida and taught high school English for four years in Orlando.

  • Middle School Science Manager

    Travis Miecnikowski is Atmopshere's Middle School Science Manager. Mr. Miecnikowski holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Penn State University and a Master of Education in Instructional Design from Western Governors University. He is New York State certified as a teacher. Previously, he was a Teacher at Harlem Prep Charter School and Brooklyn Scholars Charter School as well as a Nature Educator at Nature's Classroom in Connecticut.

  • High School Science Manager

    Valini Persaud is Atmosphere's High School Science Manager. Ms. Persaud holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, and a Master of Arts in Teaching Biology from CUNY Queens College. She is New York State certified as a science teacher. Previously, she was a Science Teacher and Department Chair at Urban Dove Charter School.

  • Middle School English Manager

    Megan Whelan is Atmosphere's Middle School English Manager. Mrs. Whelan is a certified New York state teacher. She has a Master of Science in Teaching from Fordham University and a Master of Communication and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairfield University.

  • High School English Manager

    Andrew Raia is Atmosphere's High School English Manager. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University. Mr. Raia has over fourteen years of experience in the field of education. Previously, he was Community Service Coordinator and Ninth Grade Team Leader at Great Futures Charter School in Jersey City, New Jersey. He has also served as a Language Arts Coordinator and a Principal.

  • Student Learning Manager

    Rosanna Pimentel is Atmosphere’s Student Learning Manager. She manages and oversees Teaching Assistants across all grade levels. Ms. Pimentel previously served as Atmosphere's 6th grade Teaching Assistant where she supported various content area classes per day via a co-teaching model. Ms. Pimentel holds Bachelor of Arts in Child Psychology from CUNY and a Master of Science in Special Education. Previously, Ms. Pimentel has served as a Head Teacher, Assistant Teacher, and Substitute Teacher at various schools in the Bronx.

  • Student Learning Manager

    Ashley Henry is Atmosphere's 9th & 10th Grade Student Learning Manager. Previously, she served as the Special Education Manager for KIPP Socal in Los Angeles, where she managed both the Special Education program as well as the SEL team. Furthermore, she worked as the Innovation Coordinator for the school, supporting both staff and students with their tech needs. With over a decade of experience in Special Education, Ms. Henry is truly excited to bring her knowledge and expertise to Atmosphere Academy.

  • Programs Manager

    Henry Gonzalez is Atmosphere's Programs Manager. He is a graduate of Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and History. He received a Masters in Instructional Technology from the New York Institute of Technology. Mr. Gonzalez has more than 10 years experience in the charter world and has sent his two children to charter schools in Queens. Previously Mr. Gonzalez coached Social Studies teachers at New Visions School for the Humanities at the JFK campus and taught at Bronx Lighthouse Charter School.

  • Social Studies Associate Manager

    Wade Hanley is Atmosphere's Social Studies Associate Manager. Mr. Hanley is a New York State certified teacher in Social Studies. He has been an educator for 24 years, spending 19 of those years in the classroom, 2 years as a dean, and 3 years as an assistant principal. Mr. Hanley earned a Bachelor of Arts from Herbert H. Lehman College (CUNY) and an Master of Arts from State University of New York at Albany.

  • Culture Associate Manager

    Reginald Jay is Atmosphere's Culture Associate Manager. Previously, Mr. Jay served as the 8th Grade Dean of Discipline/Culture at Equality Charter School in the Bronx. Mr. Jay is a dedicated and motivated educator. His goal is to help all children, especially those from the Bronx community, recognize their full potential while supporting them in achieving their academic and behavioral goals.