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Tamieka Frierson

Math Teacher

Tamieka Frierson is Atmosphere’s 9th Grade Math Teacher. Before becoming an educator, she served in the United States Navy for 7 years. After her honorable discharge, she pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Management from Saint Leo University. She became an NYC Teaching Fellow and received a Master’s in Special Education from Hunter College. Although she is certified to teach all subjects under her license, both her specialty and passion live in the world of mathematics. In her previous experiences as an educator, she understands the incredible bridge that must be built between children, their families, and herself. Therefore before any learning takes place, a strong relationship built on the foundation of trust must occur. Her educational philosophy, states that she must show students that mathematics is everywhere and applicable to all aspects of their lives both currently and futuristically. In addition to inspiring young children to excel and recognize a plethora of ways to apply math, she places a huge emphasis on providing all students multiple entry points into a lesson and finding value in learning all the different ways her students see, understand, and apply math. This way, she can creatively think of varied methods to best meet the needs of all her learners regardless of their initial abilities. As a result, students build confidence, develop the ability to engage in academic discourse about their learning, and achieve their education and individual goals.

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