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STARS Program

Scholars are recognized and awarded during quarterly award ceremonies. All levels of success are highlighted to promote a positive and aspirational mindset around academic performance and character building.

After scholars achieve STARS status, students are given a special uniform t-shirt or hoodie that displays their accomplishments. Students can wear these STARS gear instead of the formal or gym uniform. This is a major incentive since students during this adolescent stage want to express themselves and a unique hoodie provides them that opportunity. Each STARS status has a distinct color.

5 levels within the STARS program

Rising STARS students

Have made improvements with their academics and character.

1 STARS students

Have 2nd Academic Honors with 2nd Core Value Honors.

2 STARS students

Have either 2nd Academic Honors with 1st Core Value Honors or 1st Academic Honors with 2nd Core Value Honors.

3 STARS students

Have 1st Academic Honors with 1st Core Value Honors.

SuperSTARS students

Have 3 STARS status and 10 A’s in 10 classes.

4 core components to the STARS Program


STARS students receive apparel to wear as trophies of their accomplishments.


STARS students attend exclusive trips of their choice like sporting events.


STARS students participate in special programs like Equestrian or sailing.


STARS alumni earn a scholarship by returning to tutor and mentor current students.

We are accepting Applications for 2024-2025.
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