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Atmosphere Academy has a schoolwide culture across 3 campuses that supports student social-emotional and academic development. The school’s culture begins with a welcoming environment for students, parents and staff. Classroom expectations and traditions establishes a safe and secure environment for all students to learn in. With this foundation in place, students are motivated to challenge themselves and take charge of their academic experience. Our social-emotional program classes (Advisory Program and Restorative Justice Program) establish norms for building character, giving back to the community, and resolving conflict in a collaborative way. All members are encouraged and empowered to build a supportive, innovative, collaborative, and inspiring community.

Atmosphere Academy is able to serve all students and make everyone grow and feel successful. Scholars are encouraged to earn Atmosphere gear, reward trips, academic awards, and core values awards. By making this available, we help set positive priorities and great expectations for all community members. Everyone feels invited and involved, allowing students to cheer for each other and celebrate peer accomplishments. In this way, the school has made it cool to be smart at Atmosphere Academy.

Atmosphere Academy has core values that support students with becoming mindful leaders. The 8 core values are persistent, curious, collaborative, ethical, reflective, multicultural, empathetic, and civic. Students are expected to have a growth mindset by setting goals, being reflective, and taking ownership of their education. Students are asked to use these core values to navigate their middle school experience and build their character and social-emotional capacity.

We are accepting Applications for 2024-2025.
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