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Atmosphere Academy believes that in order to achieve our mission to fully prepare students to be ready for and succeed in life, we have to expose them to it. By extending their learning outside the traditional classroom setting, Atmosphere Academy scholars develop knowledge, skills and a deeper understanding of how what they are learning applies in the real world.

We offer a diverse set of educational field trips in all grades. This kind of experiential learning has been the hallmark of Atmosphere since its inception. These academic trips are linked to course content and expose students to real life applications.

Each year the school facilitates multiple trips for each grade level to such places as the Westmoreland Sanctuary, Westchester Land Trust, American Museum of Natural History, and theMuseum of the American Indian. The school also organizes an end of year trip for each grade level connected to their focus of study. The 8th grade travels to Washington DC to visit our nation’s capital and visit monuments for events studied in their American Studies course. The 7th grade travels to Philadelphia in connection to their study of early America in their American Studies class. The 6th grade travels to the Riverhead Aquarium and takes a river boat cruise to a salt marsh to explore various life forms in connection with their Physical Science course.

We are accepting Applications for 2024-2025.
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