science education

Science Program

Atmosphere Academy's Science Program is arranged into three courses:

  • 6th Grade Physical Science
  • 7th Grade Life Science
  • 8th Grade Earth Science


Each course was designed to align with the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards. Atmosphere Academy also uses the Next Generation Science Standards and the National Science Education Standards as additional, informal guideposts to help inform its curricular choices and instructional philosophy in the science classroom.

All science classes emphasize inquiry-based learning, multimodal learning, and science application, which helps to facilitate the kind of creative thinking, critical thinking, and collaborative leadership skills that are central to our school's mission and vision.

In keeping with its blended approach to learning, we supplement the Science curriculum with web-based applications and supplemental resources that give students the chance to engage in inquiry-based scientific discovery. To best prepare our students for the 8th-grade science exam and the rigors of high school science courses, all students participate in and record their work in lab experiments.

Our Science Department participates in the Urban Advantage program that supports visits to planetariums, aquariums, zoos, museums and botanical gardens in the city. The department also participates in the Billion Oyster Project, providing marine restoration-based STEM education to our 7th-grade scholars.

Our school has also partnered with the Westmoreland Sanctuary and the Westchester Land Trust for students to participate in experiential learning in the natural environment.

creating a fossil for science