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Christian Roman

Chief Culture Officer

Christian Roman is Atmosphere’s Chief Culture Officer. Previously, he has served as the Head Dean at Health, Education, and Research Occupations (HERO) High School and Dean of Students at Banana Kelly High School in the South Bronx. In these roles, Mr. Roman worked to provide young people with the discipline, guidance, cultural enrichment, and social-emotional development they needed to realize their full potential. Mr. Roman has also served as a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coordinator at Unitas Therapeutic Community, where he honed his counseling and management skills. Mr. Roman hired, trained, and maintained a staff of approximately 40 teen counselors and employees. He also facilitated seminars on 6-step conflict resolution that enforced the principle of peaceful problem solving. Mr. Roman holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from St. John’s University. Growing up in the South Bronx, Mr. Roman developed an undeniable passion for and pride in the people of his neighborhood. Mr. Roman has translated this passion into daily service and dedicated his studies and career to elevating, inspiring, counseling, and advocating for the community in which he still lives and works. Mr. Roman also serves his community through spiritual guidance by dedicating his free time to working as a religious instructor and assistant director of a youth group at St. Athanasius Parish. Each day, Mr. Roman works closer and closer to his goal of uniting and uplifting the people of the South Bronx.

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