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Carolina Mota

Operations Manager

Carolina Mota is Atmosphere’s 6th Grade Operations Manager. Ms. Mota is native of the Dominican Republic, but she has lived in The Bronx for most of her life after migrating to the U.S at the age of two. Ms. Mota has extensive experience in operations and administration. Most of Ms. Mota’s administrative experience was in healthcare; however in 2020, after 13 years in healthcare, she decided to change her career path and begin a new path in education. She is very excited to be part of the Atmosphere family and is confident that her experience will be an asset to the team. She is looking forward to further developing her experience and knowledge in education, and very confident that Atmosphere is the perfect place to do so. Ms. Mota is looking forward to adding a little spark to our students’ paths in an effort of enlightening their outlook on the greatness they can achieve in their near future.

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