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Hancia Hinds

Teaching Assistant

Hancia Hinds is Atmosphere’s 8th-Grade Teaching Assistant. Hancia has been an educator for eleven years. Before migrating to the U.S., Hancia worked at Islington High School, where Hancia taught English Language and Literature to grades 7 to 11 students. Hancia is a graduate of Shortwood Teachers College in Jamaica. She attained a Diploma in English Language and Literature. Hancia is committed to the teaching and learning of her students through the use of various ICT tools, being a self-motivated teacher who possesses a positive outlook on challenging situations. Hancia enjoys working with both Middle and High school students.

NEXT OPEN HOUSE at ATMOSPHERE ACADEMY: Middle School: 3/2/24 at 12 pm, High School: 3/2/24 at 12 pm
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