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Ling Chen Kelley (刘凌尘)

Mandarin Chinese Teacher

Ling Chen Kelley (刘凌尘) is Atmosphere’s 9/10/11th grade Mandarin Chinese teacher. With two decades of experience in teaching and administration at all levels, ranging from Montessori toddlers to post-graduate professionals in China and the United States and a dozen years of simultaneous translation experience, LC Kelley has been credited with three dozen professional translations and a dozen academic publications in Chinese history, art, international business, multiethnic studies, and swarm robotics. LC holds a BA from Bard College, with an MA and PhD ABD from Tsinghua University. Ling Chen encourages students to proactively engage the world with their classroom knowledge, becoming an international community asset.

We are accepting Applications for 2024-2025.
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