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Ty Graves-Defrietas

English/Student Learning Teacher

Ty Graves-Defrietas is Atmosphere’s High School English/Student Learning Teacher. With over two decades of educational experience spanning domestic and international settings, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the Atmosphere community. Ty’s academic journey includes a Doctoral degree in Executive Educational Leadership from Manhattanville College, a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership from Bank Street College of Education, a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from Mercy University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Ty is a passionate advocate for social justice and uses her classroom as a catalyst for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Beyond her educational pursuits, Ty finds inspiration in travel, viewing the world as a classroom of endless learning opportunities. Literature holds a special space in her heart, and she enjoys immersing herself in compelling books. Recently, she’s embraced pickleball as a newfound passion, adding an extra layer of excitement to her life.

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